Tech Tuesday Week 3

Tech tools from The Blogging Dork

Tech Tuesday Week 3


“Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by American company Dropbox, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California, that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software.”- Wikipedia

I LOVE Dropbox.  It is a simple Cloud service that allows you to upload files, pictures and video to retrieve from any mobile device or desktop.

Dropbox is great when working with a team and want to be able to share files and allow team members to Edit photos or files. All edits are automatically updated on everyone’s device and can easily be seen by all team members. You can even send files instantly even if the recipient does not have a Dropbox account. But, if anything would happen and you needed/wanted to erase them off a stolen or lost device Dropbox helps you do that.

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5 Things about Instagram You MUST Know if You Own a Business

5 things you must know about instagram if you own a business

 Here are 5 Things about Instagram You Must Know if You Own a Business

Instagram has quickly become one of my favorite platforms. At first I loved the simplicity and the quiet break from all the noise of other Social Media outlets. I could jump on, scroll through pictures and hit the little heart.  Recently, especially since Facebook bought it, it has become a rapidly  growing interactive platform. Here are 5 Things about Instagram You must know if you own a Business.

Make sure your PROFILE is going to grab the attention of the viewer

YOUR PROFILE – is the ONLY place that you can  could (we will clear that up a little later) put an active LINK.  Even through all the changes recently, Instagram still does not allow active links in the Caption or Comment sections of your post. This means that the primary goal of your posts are to get your viewers back to your profile bio so that they click on your link and if done correctly, land on your website or squeeze page, landing page, sales page or where ever that is most beneficial.

When setting up your Profile keep these things in mind-  YOUR NAME/ YOUR USERNAME, YOUR PROFILE IMAGE, THE BIO and of course your LINK.

Your username needs to be a username that tells your viewers what you represent or lets viewers know what you are about. For instance-  If you are a Bakery but choose a username like ProBallerz it may not get the attention of an audience that wants to see new cake designs.

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How do you Grow your Blog if you are an Introvert

How do you Grow your Blog as an Introvert

Are you the type of person that can walk into a party and within minutes you are the center of attention and the crowd around you is growing?  But what if you aren’t that person.

How do you grow your blog if you are an introvert?

In today’s world of Photos and Videos, how are you getting in front of your audience? Everything that I read lately talks about how Video is the fastest and the best way to promote and grow your Blog.  There’s Facebook Live and Instagram Stories, Snapchat Video and YouTube. All of which are getting absolutely fabulous results.

Every night I go to sleep telling myself that tomorrow is the day I overcome my fear of being in front of the camera and just start doing it. Every time I watch someone else in my Industry get in front of the camera and post a video I think to myself- “See they don’t care.  It wasn’t perfect and no one cares so why should you care.  Just DO it!” I even got as far as practicing but couldn’t stand to watch the replay so I turned I quickly hit the delete button.

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Tech Tuesday Week 1

Tech tools from The Blogging Dork



Tech tools from The Blogging Dork

Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday is just another way for The Blogging Dork to help you grow your Business. Every Tuesday I will introduce you to a different Product that is designed to help you with your Business growth. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are running – these products can help you get ahead

99Designs is a One Stop Shop for customizing your Company’s next project that needs a Design.

  1. Logo
  2. Business cards
  3.  Clothing
  4. Book Covers
  5. Web & App Design
  6. Advertising and more

The greatest thing about 99Designs is that YOU ARE STILL IN CHARGE.  This is not an outsourcing program that you spend a bunch of money for  and hope you like what they provide.

You start by telling them what type of project you need done- Give them details about your Company, your vision, any ideas of what you want and then YOU pick a Design Package.  This is where the fun begins!

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