Are you Killing your own Business? 11 Ways to Boost Customer Service

11 Ways to Boost your Customer Service

Are you Killing your own Business? 11 Ways to Boost Customer Service

The only employee you see reluctantly looks up and spits, “Can I help you?”. Before you can answer she takes a personal call and turns hers back on you while giggling loudly and repeating the words, “NO!- Really?”.

After a few minutes of wondering through the store, looking for the 11 Ways to Boost Customer Serviceitem you came in for while hoping she gets off the phone so you can ask her for some assistance, you finally give up and leave. As you walk out you can hear the employee obnoxiously laughing and saying -“No, go on. I’m not busy.” 

We have all had something similar happen and we vow that will NEVER be tolerated in our business.  But is it??  How are we sure that what is happening in our business is not killing it?  Is our Customer Service helping or hurting?

  1. Greet your Customer within the first 15 Seconds – Not a half hearted greeting but a sincere Hello, How are you. I’m ________.
  2. Ask what brought them into your Business=  Whether you are an Online Business or own a Store Front, show that you care that they are here.  Take the time to ASK THEM  caring questions such as :  What can I help you find? What brought you to my business today? Is there anything, in particular, you need more information on? 
  3. Get up, Go over and make yourself accessible. – Make yourself Available and Obtainable. Becoming weloming as opposed to stand off- ish. There’s a fine line between good customer service and hovering while being completely annoying which will run them out as fast as they came in so use good judgment. Watch for clues that your customer needs some space.
  4. Be knowledgeable! – Know your products. People are genuinely curious about things they like.  Where are they from, what is the history of how they evolved, what is the latest trend that the item fits into…  People are much more willing to buy if they are unsure if you have some enthusiasm and knowledge of the product. Become their Go-To person!
  5. Share the vision- Give ideas on how to use your products. Show your customers or audience why they need the item. Some people lack imagination.  Help them. 
  6. Don’t stop there- Pivot to other similar products or complimentary items that the customer may need to enhance the product they were looking for. Or Even a product they didn’t know about but could benefit from. 
  7. Back off- Some people like space and don’t want to feel like they are being pressured. Not too far off where if the customer needs help you are nowhere to be found.
  8. Make them love you- A lot of Consumers will repeat shop because of the owner or the employee.  In my businesses I have made loyal followings not because of the company I worked for but because of the way I treated my customers. They came back for me as much as they came for the business and products.
  9. BE HONEST- I can’t say it enough or too many times. BE HONEST! Do not lie or exaggerate the truth or twist it to what you think is your benefit. It will come back and haunt you.  Remember, it’s a small world. You will see these people again and the question is, Will you be able to hold your head up high??  
  10. It’s ok NOT to know- Just tell them.  “You know, I don’t know that answer. So instead of telling you wrong or lying to you, I am going, to be honest and tell you I don’t know!  But I will find out and get you that answer.”  That will gain you more respect than anything else you do.  That is what will bring you a loyal following. As long as you get them that info which brings me to.
  11. Do what you say you are going to do- Nothing will give you more respect than to follow through.  Nothing will kill your reputation like not making good on your promises.

11 Ways to Boost your Customer ServiceGiving Good Customer Service is vital to any business. Competition is fierce and you have to figure out a way to make people happy and to return to your business. Not all of it is price driven. Consumers will return and pay a little bit more to know they will be treated well then to save a dollar and be treated like crap.

What types of things do you do in your business to ensure that your customers are happy? What changes can you make to ensure better customer service from your employees?  I would love for you to join me in   The Blogging Dork’s Facebook group to discuss further on ways to boost Customer Service.


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