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You are the Author of your Marketing Plan so

“LIVE it  LIKE you  LOVE it”!

Kym BuchananKym Buchanan is the Founder of a Community of Supporters to Small Businesses and Solopreneurs who want to use Blogging and Social Media to grow their Business. If you are ready to believe in Yourself, Your Business and your Blog then become a Blogging Dork.

Kym Buchanan has spent the last 25 Years working in the Sales and Customer Service Industry.  She has owned 2 successful Small Businesses at the same time as raising a family, spending time volunteering in her community and teaching Social Media for Small Business.

“I truly believe that everything I’ve done in my professional life up to now is to get me ready for this. Helping to bring the sales process, social media and small businesses together are all of my favorite things wrapped up into one!  I can’t be more excited!!!

My Story- Living the Dream!

You are either curious about Online Marketing or dreaming of Growing your Business by using Social Media but don’t know how… Or you are just overwhelmed with the abundance of information out there.

So this is my Journey on how I went from Hobby to Dream Job!

I started dreaming of building an online dream job back in 2006. Internet marketing was absolutely fascinating and I couldn’t learn enough about it. I knew I wanted to build my dream job with Internet Marketing but also one that gave me financial freedom, the ability to work from home (or wherever I happen to be at the moment) while enabling me to help others.

There was SO MUCH …stuff out there. I was so confused and just started trying EVERYTHING that said: “Work at Home”.

So when I learned of Content Marketing and Blogging I knew it was PERFECT. The perfect blend of my love of teaching and building a business online.  I absolutely LOVED the Training and Development jobs I had in my Corporate Career.              Kym Buchanan - You can now Work with her on a more personal level

I just didn’t love corporate.

The problem was …

Procrastination is my worst enemy yet like an insecure puppy, always seemed to follow me.
So I masked my procrastinating behind the illusion of productivity by reading hundreds of articles on Pinterest on the subject of Content Marketing and Blogging and listening to hours and hours of Podcasts (ironically on the way to the 9-5 job I so desperately wanted out of).

Then, it seemed, all the articles I read were jumping out at me saying- Just Do it!  There are no more excuses, Stop screwing around and Live Your Dream, You are not going anywhere by hovering behind the start gate-

So the question was-  What do I Blog about ??

That answer was easy- I want to help you cut through the confusion and learn in an easy, simple way that fits your busy lifestyle. The last few years I have had the privilege to help many of my neighbors that are Small Business Owners, Direct Sales Reps, and Solopreneurs, find their way through the Social Media and Content Marketing maze. Now I am excited to take my passion Online.

So my hope is that writing THE BLOGGING DORK  it will help someone out there get started. I truly want others to take that leap and to live their dream.  So whether it is to take what you are passionate about and teach others using blogging or to Expand your business beyond County lines, I want YOU to read this blog and know you can do it too!

Kym Buchanan