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"Being a Local Business doesn't mean you can only Sell to Local Consumers."

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Online Marketing can be Overwhelming and Confusing. Learn how to take your Service or Product from Idea to Sold in a matter of Clicks. 

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Here are some Super Cool, Super Handy Tools and Resources to help you with your Online Marketing.

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*Email Marketing -How to Turn Readers into Customers 

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I, from the bottom of my Heart, believe that EVERYONE  deserves to have the chance to live their Dream.


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Worlds of innovation

So when I started learning of Social Media I was hooked! I LOVED it!  Every aspect of it. I started reading and following the Gurus.  I learned through Blog Posts, and Webinars. But mostly, I learned from Trial and Error.  Years later I am still passionate about helping others about use Online Marketing to grow their Businesses. 

I feel strongly that Small Businesses are the back bone and foundation of what makes our World so great! 

I also feel as strongly that ALL Small Businesses, whether you are a Brick and Mortar, an Online Business,or a Direct Sales Reps, you deserve the opportunity to Grow and Strengthen your Dream. I truly believe that Online Marketing is the answer to so many Marketing obstacles that Business Owners face. 

Today Consumers are validating where they spend their money with Websites and Facebook pages. What thumbprint is your Business making?  

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Time is money

I have owned  2 Small Businesses and from that I understand the struggles that Business owners face on a daily basis. Inventory, Budgets, Payroll, Employees (which is a whole other discussion), and Marketing!  

Oh yes, Marketing!  Which includes a nice chunk of the Budgets category. “You have to spend money to make money”  if I heard that one more time I would have popped!!  

If you are complaining that business is slow, or that you want to grow your sales then I honestly believe that you need Online Marketing. Let me show you how!

Location is NOT everything

“Being a Local Business doesn’t mean you can only sell to Local Consumers.”

Location should never be an issue. Services can be promoted through Social Media Channels, Products can be uploaded and sold through an online store. 

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